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      The Department of Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing letter RoyalTek is a focus on new media projection technology technology company dedicated to beautify the city, creative lighting innovation and Gerber areas to improve people''''s quality of life. In "full-color projection technology" as the core product, for government, business, media and other different industries, different size, projection range of products and solutions for different application areas, is the most influential new media only full-color projection lighting provided providers.
      Independent research and development company proactively "An optical color image display method (patent number: ZL20141005323.7)" "wafer assembly synthesis imaging systems and wafer assembly method (patent number: ZL201410053226.8)" patent certificate and the "wafer components and imaging system (patent number: ZL201520152272.3) "utility model patent certificate, have received national recognition.
      RoyalTek letter exchange with the "big event", "big brand", "big image", "big marketing", dedicated to urban landscaping, areas of business and creative lighting, outdoor advertising and other advertising media offer new solutions. From the professional design, customize a variety of Gobo / logo of indoor and outdoor imaging to undertake the whole building landscaping, lighting theme of creativity, as well as equipment leasing, installation and after-sales maintenance and other one-stop services to ensure that the interests of customers.
      We "customer first, the credibility of the first" principle, abide by "first-class service, first-class efficiency, first-class quality, first-class competition," the spirit of domestic and foreign customers, willing to work together with friends from various circles at home and abroad, a total of create prosperity.

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